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Alien UFO over Chennai's Tambaram or flashlights? WATCH and decide

A perplexing light was witnessed in the Tambaram region of Chennai, leaving locals astonished and sparking speculation about UFOs. The incident occurred during a cloudy evening, with the light moving across the sky, prompting residents to record it on their smartphones

Last night, an unusual light phenomenon illuminated the sky over Tambaram area of Chennai, leaving the public in awe. This occurrence transpired around 7 pm, casting an unusual radiance across the Tambaram skies. Residents, taken aback by the spectacle, promptly captured it on their mobile phones.

As they began filming, the luminous object traversed the heavens in a straight trajectory, vanishing in the blink of an eye. The authenticity of the recorded video remains unverified but has stirred intrigue among locals, some of whom speculate it might be a flying saucer. However, space experts have refuted this notion, suggesting that it resembled more of a flashlight than a flying saucer.

The incident has spawned questions about whether this was an alien craft or indeed a flying saucer. While such mysteries persist, reports of inexplicable lights and objects in the sky have surfaced globally, including in the United States. Notably, a few weeks prior, IPS officer Pradeep V Philip reported the sighting of four flying saucers in the Muttukadu area along Chennai's East Coast Road. He emphasized that these objects bore no resemblance to drones and vanished within a mere 20 to 25 seconds.

For now, the search for answers continues, with eager anticipation for an official response to shed light on this enigmatic event.