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Watch: Massive snake attacks zookeeper during his Instagram live; netizens shocked

A video of a massive snake attack on Jay Brewer, zookeeper, has gone viral and left netizens shocked.

Jay Brewer, founder of the reptile zoo in California, is famous for sharing snake videos on his social media account.

A massive snake attacked Brewer during his Instagram live and shocked many of his followers.

He looked away from the snake for a moment during his live segment, and it suddenly pounced on his face to attack.

Luckily, Brewer was able to dodge the attack, and he continued saying, "Wow! As soon as my eyes shifted off of her. See how smart this snake is? The second I shifted my eyes off, she knew that I wasn't ready to jump."

He added, saying, "Almost smoked me. I mean, that is incredible. So that was crazy, you guys just saw one of the closest strikes I've had in a long time."

The video went massively viral among his followers and netizens and garnered more than 76k views.