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AK Antony EXCLUSIVE! 'If Modi comes to power, it will be death knell for India'

Speaking to Asianet News Network, veteran Congress leader AK Antony offers insights on the nuanced dynamics shaping the electoral landscape, emphasizing the significance of alliances, inclusive governance, and adherence to constitutional principles in charting India's political course.

In the midst of the ongoing election fervour, veteran Congress leader A K Antony, known for his unwavering commitment to value-based politics, spoke to Asianet News Network on the political landscape ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Reflecting on his absence from active campaigning due to health concerns, Antony remarked that while he monitored the proceedings, he couldn't actively engage due to health challenges exacerbated by COVID-19 infections.

Addressing the electoral prospects, Antony expressed confidence in the Congress-led INDIA bloc, highlighting the diminishing appeal of the BJP's communal politics and projecting an optimistic outlook for the coalition. He emphasized the strength of regional alliances and the potential for electoral gains. Responding to queries on intra-party dynamics and electoral strategies, Antony reiterated Congress's commitment to inclusive governance and the need for broader representation, particularly emphasizing the party's focus on empowering women and youth in politics.

Regarding the BJP's electoral tactics and recent developments such as the inauguration of the Ram Mandir, Antony underscored Congress's stance on secularism and constitutional values, affirming support for the temple while critiquing the BJP's politicization of the issue. In light of familial ties with individuals joining rival parties, Antony maintained a principled stance, separating personal and political spheres while expressing hope for the eventual triumph of inclusive politics and democratic ideals.