Seizer movie review: A tale of vengeance that falls flat

Seizer has got nothing to do with Julius Caeser. It is the story of a guy named Seizer (played by Chiranjeevi Sarja), who is into seizing cars from its owners who have defaulted loans. He works for One and Only finance company, which is owned by Ravichandran. Seizer is extremely faithful to the company and never gets lured by more attractive offers by competitors. During his car seizing spree, he encounters Gajapathi (played by Prakash Raj) which makes Seizer earn the latter's hate. Meanwhile, Seizer kills 2 people upon his uncle's instructions without knowing the reason. Why did he kill those 2 men? Why is Seizer's uncle asking him to kill people without giving reasons? Do Seizer and Gajapathi have a connection that is not apparent? Answers to all these form the crux of the film.

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