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Lok Sabha elections 2024: 78-year-old woman with pneumonia comes to vote on Stretcher in Bengaluru

A 78-year-old woman battling pneumonia in Bengaluru defied the odds by casting her vote. Despite her critical condition, Ms Kalavathi was transported to the polling booth on a stretcher, accompanied by medical staff. Her determination to participate in the democratic process garnered admiration, showcasing civic responsibility and resilience.

A 78-year-old woman battling pneumonia defied the odds to cast her vote in Bengaluru. Ms Kalavathi admitted to Manipal Hospital Jayanagar for treatment, expressed her unwavering desire to participate in the democratic process despite her health challenges. Ms Kalavathi's ordeal began when she was rushed to Manipal Hospital Jayanagar on April 23rd, 2024, with symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, and exhaustion. Diagnosed with pneumonia affecting both lungs, she received immediate medical attention under the care of Dr. Aravinda G M, Consultant - Internal Medicine at the hospital.

Despite her critical condition, Ms. Kalavathi remained determined to exercise her voting rights. With the support of the medical team, she was transported to the polling booth in Jayanagar constituency on a stretcher. Accompanied by nursing staff, she cast her vote, ensuring her safety and well-being throughout the process. The incident garnered attention and admiration, highlighting the resilience and commitment of citizens towards participating in the democratic process. Ms. Kalavathi's determination serves as an inspiring example of civic responsibility, resonating with voters across Bengaluru.