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‘Muslim COVID-19 patients should be killed’: Dr Arti Lalchandani accepts making statement

Dr Arti Lalchandani who was caught in a sting operation spewing venom against Muslim COVID-19 patients and accusing CM Yogi Adityanath of engaging in minority appeasement, has reportedly accepted it was her who made the comments and did so out of pure frustration. This after initially denying making any such remark.

The name of Kanpur Medical College principal, Dr Arti Lalchandani, has gone viral on social media and she has become popular on few national TV channels.


She was caught during a sting operation for making poisonous remarks against Muslim COVID-19 patients, with talk of killing them by injection, leaving them in jungles and dungeons. She also accused UP CM Yogi Adityanath of minority appeasement.


Hours after her image was torn to shreds on social media, the doctor is said to have clarified saying it was not her who made the remarks, claiming that the footage is fake and she was morphed into the video. However, she later accepted that it was her in the video making such statements.


The doctor, in her defence, said, she made the remarks out of sheer frustration.


In the video, Dr Lalchandani is heard saying the administration is wasting time and resources like kits on Muslim patients