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Caught for drunk and driving, man says he is heart patient and did it on doctors advise

Jun 12, 2018, 12:42 PM IST

The Bengaluru Traffic Police who always encounter silly explanations by violators after being caught for offences like drinking and driving, riding without helmet, jumping signal and others, were left shocked when they came across one such offender who had a very strange and bizarre explanation after he was caught for drinking and driving. The RT Nagar Traffic Police caught Lingarajaiah, a two-wheeler rider, on Sunday night. In his defence, the man told them he is a heart patient and based on his doctors advise he takes a few pegs and rides every day. Assistant Sub-Inspector Traffic, Ganesh said that this is the first time they come across such an explanation by a traffic rule violator. The offender's licence and vehicle was seized and fine was imposed.

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