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Narendra Modi EXCLUSIVE! 'Even enemy nations respect diplomats; why can't states honour Governors?' (WATCH)

In an exclusive interview with Asianet News Network, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized state governments for their treatment of governors, emphasizing the importance of upholding the dignity of constitutional posts. He highlighted instances of disrespect and inconvenience faced by governors, urging state administrations to prioritize the honour and integrity of these roles.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lashed out at state governments who have been at loggerheads with their state's Governors, stating that if enemy countries could respect and provide security for diplomats of other countries, why can't these state administrations safeguard the honour and dignity of a constitutional post. In an exclusive interview with Asianxt Digital Technologies Private Limited Executive Chairman Rajesh Kalra, Asianet News Executive Editor Sindhu Sooryakumar and Asianet Suvarna News Editor Ajit Hanamakkanavar, the Prime Minister criticized the lack of respect shown towards constitutional posts, particularly governors, by some state governments. 

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"I want to ask those who have the experience of running the government for 5-6 decades. Be it the enemy country of the world, be it a hostile country, the respective countries take full care of our missions there. Their security, their arrangements, everything. Even in enemy countries, the same amount of security and respect is given to our country's ambassador or our team. This is my country, my state and the post of Governor is created by the Constitution. Isn't his honour and dignity the responsibility of those state governments? How will this work? Now imagine that the Governor of Kerala is going to the airport and his Leftists create a ruckus in front of him, how does this suit his government," he asked.

He highlighted instances where governors were subjected to disrespect and inconvenience, such as being denied security arrangements and facing disruptions during official visits.

Expressing concern over the dignity of constitutional positions, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of upholding the honour and integrity of such roles. 

"I read a column in some newspaper somewhere. Our Governor tolerates a lot and does not speak. But Arif Saheb (Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan), who should get the money for budgetary provisions, had even stopped the food of the Governor in Kerala. Now you will wake up tomorrow and become so angry that you will cut off all their electricity, what will happen," he said.

He further recalled, "I remember once in Maharashtra the Governor had to travel; he was not given a helicopter. There was a pre-planned programme, but it had to be cancelled at the last moment. Now you tell me, petrol bombs were thrown outside the Governor's Raj Bhavan in Tamil Nadu. Does this suit the state government? The dignity of constitutional posts should be maintained."

Reflecting on his own experiences with governors from different political backgrounds, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the need for mutual respect and cooperation between state governments and governors. 

"I have been in the state, all the Congress governors were above me. I never had any problems. I respected them, they respected me, and this has been going on for years. Now they can't bear it anymore today," he said.

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