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Bengaluru school becomes first to install organic disinfection tunnel in India

Vishwa Vidyapeeth in Bengaluru has become be the first school in India to install an organic disinfectant tunnel. This is India’s first disinfectant tunnel made using citrus-based and organic ingredients.

Bengaluru: A school in Karnataka, Vishwa Vidyapeeth, has installed an organic disinfection tunnel. The disinfection tunnel was inaugurated by DCP Dr Bheemashankar S Guled.

The school installed the disinfection tunnel to welcome the students once the lockdown is lifted and to be used by teachers and other staff. During the lockdown, teachers and non-teaching staff visit the school for online classes and other requirements, and this disinfection tunnel will help them stay safe.

This tunnel was installed under project Sugardhana which is a CSR initiative by Dr Karthik Narayanan CEO of Lit Skills learning, in association with Sabhari hospitals and CSR Times. “Through this initiative we want to give India its first organic anti-microbial disinfectant tunnel, this is much better than sodium hypochlorite and iodine water which is being sprayed in other places across India. Since the government has banned the spraying of sodium hypochlorite and iodine on humans as it is a skin irritant, we decided to come up with something which is safe for humans as well as innovative” says Narayanan.

This is India’s first disinfection tunnel made using citrus-based and organic ingredients. It is non-inflammable and the size of the structure is 4x6x7 feet.

How does disinfection tunnel work?

As you pass through them, sometimes after washing your hands, nozzles spray a disinfectant mist on you which reportedly kills most germs and viruses, including COVID-19.