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COVID-19: Who is dealing with 2,900kg waste produced from 15 quarantine centres in Bengaluru?

Realising that dealing with bio medical waste from 15 quarantine centres will be inviting doomsday, the BBMP made arrangements to safely collect and incinerate the waste. As pourakarmikas are vulnerable, the decision of allowing only specific agencies to deal with it has ensured the workers remain safe.

In just 15 quarantine centres the BBMP has housed people returning or visiting from other regions. People displaying symptoms such as cold and fever undergo tests, which results in throat swab samples and other products for the procedure. This has resulted in the generation of a whopping 2,900kg of bio medical waste.


According to D Randeep, this figure is high but not large enough to be worried about, as all necessary arrangements are made, from collection to transportation to burning of the same.


To keep pourakarmikas safe, the BBMP has given this task to bio medical waste agencies who deal with it as per standard operating procedures and burn the waste so that the threat of possible infection from these products will also be destroyed.