From friends to foes to friends again! Will prayers make Zameer Ahmed the DyCM of Karnataka?

Ahead of Assembly elections in Karnataka, the spat between then JD(S) rebel Zameer Ahmed Khan, who had joined Congress later, and JD(S) state president HD Kumaraswamy had become the talk of the town. Both insulted each other during every rally possible. But, then came the results, where BJP emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats, Congress with 78 and JD(S) with 37 seats, Zameer defeated JD(S) candidate and won in Chamarajapet, Bengaluru. After an alliance was announced between Congress and JD(S), many wondered how will Zameer face HD Kumaraswamy. But to the surprise of people, both Zameer and Kumaraswamy not only received each other with respect, Kumaraswamy even patted Zameer's cheeks. Now with leaders lobbying hard for portfolios, Zameer's supporters are offering prayers aspiring for their leader to be chosen as the deputy CM of Karnataka. Will the rebel factor still haunt Zameer or is there any chance for the prayers to work wonders?

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