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Bengaluru Traffic Police share video to avoid unnecessary honking, reduce noise pollution (WATCH)

Growing traffic congestion in Bengaluru has led to increased concerns over continuous honking, worsening traffic and noise pollution. Bengaluru Traffic Police shared a video on social media, urging responsible honking. Despite efforts, the issue persists, prompting suggestions for fines and 'No Horn' signs. Similar steps are being considered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Bengaluru Traffic Police share video to avoid unnecessary honking, reduce noise pollution (WATCH) vkp
First Published Aug 29, 2023, 4:25 PM IST

The challenges of growing traffic congestion in Bengaluru are causing increased concerns. The city's traffic problems are leading the Bengaluru traffic police to struggle with the continuous honking from countless vehicles on the roads every day. This noise not only worsens traffic issues but also adds to noise pollution.

Every day, starting from 6 a.m., traffic police are placed along the city's roads to help with smooth vehicle movement. However, sometimes traffic jams can still happen due to different reasons. During such times, drivers tend to honk continuously, making the situation worse. This constant horn sound becomes an extra difficulty for the police as well as other drivers as well.

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Related to the continuous honking, Bengaluru Traffic Police have shared a video on Platform X (formerly Twitter). They're asking drivers to be responsible and avoid unnecessary honking. The video highlights how important it is to follow traffic rules and listen to the instructions of police officers who are on the roads in the morning.

The video has already been poured with suggestions and opinions by various platforms on Platform X.

One User Tiger Ramesh (@TigeRamesh) commented, “We should disconnect all horns”. Another user Murali Rag states, “If don’t honk we end up on the road for a lifetime. Need engineering solutions to avoid root causes for honking.. like lane discipline and proper roads with icons and strict action on law-breaking heroes whoever it may be”.

Most of the comments suggest horns should be used carefully and when only necessary. Meanwhile, honking on the roads, without necessary should be fined by the Police. Drivers and riders on roads are not always happy, and patient when it comes to honking. There are various examples of Road rage caused by unnecessary honking.

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Despite efforts by the Bengaluru Police to raise awareness, the problem of unnecessary honking persists. Many residents are unhappy with the excessive noise caused by this. To address this, a suggestion has been made to put up 'No Horn' signs on busy roads. People who honk unnecessarily could also face fines. This idea aims to make drivers more aware and reduce the irritation caused by honking.

To combat noise pollution on the roads, authorities in Uttar Pradesh's Noida are also taking strong steps against honking-related noise pollution. They're thinking about imposing a big fine of Rs 10,000 on people who honk when it's not needed.

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