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'Roasting in hell': Rabbi claims Hamas terrorist who paraded German tourist's naked body dead (WATCH)

The article discusses the alleged killing of the Hamas operative responsible for parading the naked body of German tourist Shani Louk in Gaza, as claimed by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, highlighting the family's initial hope, the lack of official confirmation, and strong condemnation of Hamas.

Roasting in hell Rabbi claims Hamas terrorist who paraded German tourist's naked body dead (WATCH) snt
First Published Nov 17, 2023, 5:23 PM IST

Israeli forces reportedly killed the Hamas operative who paraded the naked body of German tourist Shani Louk through Gaza, as stated by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in a post on X (formerly Twitter). The rabbi described the individual as a "monster" now "roasting in hell forever." Shani Louk, aged 23, was taken hostage during the Supernova music festival near the Gaza border, targeted in a surprise Hamas attack on October 7. Her death was confirmed weeks later, with Rabbi Boteach posting a breaking news announcement that she was "savagely murdered" on October 7.

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In a separate post, he wrote that the tourist "was actually murdered after being tortured, and who knows what else". 

"Hamas are evil incarnate. They are the Nazis of our time. Whoever denies, after witnessing what they did to this poor innocent woman, that Hamas does not need to be completely destroyed is immoral," he added.

The assertions made by the Rabbi have not received official confirmation from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). Additionally, it remains unclear which of the four men captured in the images with Louk's body the Rabbi was specifically addressing.

However, The Telegraph provided a more extensive excerpt of the purported conversation between Louk's mother, Ricarda, and the Rabbi. In this exchange, she expressed a sense of relief, stating that there is now one less bad person in the world. 

"You're happy that this person cannot hurt anyone else, but it didn't matter so much because it's a whole bunch of people," the 53-year-old was quoted as saying by the outlet.

"It's not like a typical murder story where you find the murderer and they got killed - they did those things as a group, so one doesn't make so much difference to me," said Louk.

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For weeks, Shani Louk's family clung to hope, believing that she might be alive and receiving medical care in a Gaza hospital. However, Israeli President Isaac Herzog eventually verified her tragic fate, confirming that DNA found on a fragment of skull matched that of Louk.

A tattoo artist by profession, Shani Louk held dual German and Israeli citizenship. Although she resided in Israel, she spent a portion of her early years in Portland, Oregon, attending kindergarten at the Jewish Portland Academy.

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