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Adorable video of Hamster bathing like human has delighted netizens

A viral video emerged on social media showing a group of hamsters bathing in the pool. The exciting element of the clip is that one of the hamsters is rubbing its body exactly like a human.

Adorable video of Hamster bathing like human has delighted netizens - gps
First Published Aug 25, 2022, 1:25 PM IST

We all know that Hamsters are excellent pets for children. They are regarded as neat and easy-to-care pets. They generally self-groom and enjoy the sand bath to preserve themselves clean. Recently, a group of hamsters in a swimming pool, with one among them rubbing its body like a human, has gone viral. You might have seen pet animals imitating humans, but have you ever witnessed a hamster bathing like a human? No right. Then you must watch this video.

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Instagram user Beautiifullworld posted this video on their page with the caption, "OMG !" The video shows a group of hamsters enjoying themselves in a swimming pool. If you notice carefully, one among them has a light skin colour, while the others are dark brown. Also, the wet gnawer can be seen massaging its face and rubbing the entire body like a human while standing next to the pool. The cute antics of the Hamster captivated the attention of the netizens.

After being posted on the social media platform, the video created ripples and collected over 4.7 million views and 196k likes. Social media users were amused by the video and expressed captivating and hilarious remarks in the post's comment section. A user wrote, "I want to give her my shampoo." Another person commented, "Hoooman, Stop recording me.. instead.. give me your soap... And put it on my back..." Watch the video.

A few days ago, a wild hamster posing for photographs went viral. The footage displayed a photographer controlling the camera when a hamster popped out from the grass-covered ground and posed for a picture. 

The video also shows the photographer distracting the animal by holding a beautiful flower and clicking gorgeous pictures of the animal.

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