The grand Dussehra celebrations planned by the royal family of Mysuru have been cut short by the sad demise of Rajmatha Pramoda Devi's mother.

Putta Chinnammani, 98, breathed her last in the wee hours of Friday. As it is the mourning period, all Dussehra poojas to be conducted by the members of royal family have been cancelled.

According to Dussehra rituals, king Yaduveer was supposed to offer prayers at Banni Mantap in the Bhuvaneshwari Temple premises in Mysuru. But this pooja has also been cancelled along with other programmes.

The bereaved family will not take part in any celebratory events for at least three days from today as they are in mourning period. The royal family has also cancelled the Vajramushti Kalaga (wrestling) being conducted every year during Dasara.

Arrangements have been made for the public viewing of the body of Chinnammani at the summer palace in Mysuru.

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has condoled the death of Rajmatha's mother.

However, events like Yuva Dussehra, exhibition, etc, held by the government will be carried out without fail.

But no announcement has been made about whether the royal family will go ahead with Jamboo Savari, with elephant Arjuna carrying the statue of Chamundeshwari Goddess on a howdah.