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Another wife swapping case echoes Bengaluru, woman registers complaint against husband

In Bengaluru, a woman files a report against her husband for pressuring wife swapping, harassment, and assault, shedding light on a distressing trend akin to past Kerala incidents. Accusations include dowry demands and coercive behaviour, escalating into legal action against the accused and his family.

Another wife swapping case echoes Bengaluru, woman registers complaint against husband vkp
First Published Dec 13, 2023, 12:14 PM IST

A disturbing incident has surfaced in Bengaluru as a woman filed a report against her husband at the Basavanagudi Women's Police Station, accusing him of pressure into wife swapping, harassment, and assault. This incident sheds light on a troubling trend that seems to be gaining momentum in the city, reminiscent of a similar issue that arose in Kerala some years ago.

The complainant, married to Purnachandra in Bengaluru a year ago, alleges that he pressured her into spending time with his friend, resorting to physical abuse and harassment when she refused. The accused, a Basavanagudi resident, allegedly married the victim and insisted on a dowry of Rs 10 lakhs to alleviate his family's debts, despite already being provided with 2 lakhs. 

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The victim claims continuous pressure to fulfil the remaining amount. Additionally, she accuses Purnachandra of showing explicit videos and forcing her into socializing with his friends, which has caused her immense stress and fear. 

Further allegations reveal that the accused subjected the victim to obscene videos and purportedly drove her into spending nights with his friends. Upon refusal, the victim claims to have been physically assaulted. In addition to the complaint against her husband, the victim has also filed a report against the accused's family members for alleged dowry harassment.

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In 2022, Cyber Crime police in Bengaluru arrested a man for promoting 'wife-swapping' via a fake social media account. Vinay M, 28, created the account using a woman's identity, recording encounters at his Singasandra home. Initially filming intimate moments with his wife, he later pushed her into 'fantasy pornography.' The police seized their gadgets for investigation. This incident echoed a similar tragic case in November 2021 when a realtor was killed over a wife-swapping dispute.

What is this wife swapping?

Wife swapping refers to a practice where couples, often in social gatherings or parties, exchange partners with each other. It involves engaging in intimate or sexual activities with someone else's spouse. This practice, prevalent in some Western cultures, is considered highly controversial and ethically problematic. It requires the swapped couples to consensually share each other's partners for temporary or casual relationships.

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It's seen as a deviation from the traditional concept of marriage, where loyalty and commitment to one's partner are fundamental. This activity often tends to blur the boundaries of relationships can lead to emotional distress, and confusion, and can severely strain the trust between partners.

The issue of wife swapping, a practice common in Western countries where couples exchange partners at gatherings, has seen attention in Bengaluru with previous cases reported in Kerala.

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