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Tourist frenzy in Chikkamagaluru's Rani Jhari: Risky photoshoot on waterfall edges sparks concerns (WATCH)

In Karnataka’s Chikkamagaluru, thrill-seeking tourists are risking their lives for dramatic photos at scenic spots like Rani Jhari. Ignoring warnings, they pose on dangerous waterfall edges, leading to fatal accidents. This reckless behaviour alarms locals, complicate rescue efforts, and mars the beauty of Mudigere Taluk.

In Karnataka’s Chikkamagaluru, a growing trend of thrill-seeking behaviour is alarming locals. Tourists flocking to the scenic spots in Mudigere Taluk, especially near Bandaje, Rani Jhari, and Kodige Falls, are risking their lives for the perfect photo.

Recently, an incident near Rani Jhari has heightened these concerns. Visitors, ignoring numerous warnings, are seen sitting on the edge of the lattice, capturing photos in dramatic poses reminiscent of movie scenes. These locations, with falls ranging from 300 to 500 feet, pose a significant danger. A slight misstep can lead to fatal accidents, with falls from such heights almost guaranteeing death.

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The continuous influx of tourists behaving recklessly has left the locals worried. Despite repeated advisories, the allure of these dangerous photo ops persists. This craze is not only a matter of immediate safety but also complicates rescue operations. Recovering bodies from these treacherous spots is exceedingly difficult, causing further distress.

Chikkamagaluru’s Mudigere Taluk is renowned for its picturesque tourist spots, but the ongoing madness is casting a shadow over its beauty. Authorities are urged to take stricter measures to ensure the safety of both tourists and the community.