New Delhi/ Hathras: Even as political shenanigans play out in Hathras, in shocking development, Delhi Aam Aadmi Party MLA Kuldeep Kumar has put hundreds of people at risk of contracting the virus - among them include the victim's family.

5 days ago, on September 29, MLA Kuldeep Kumar had informed his supporters that he had been tested positive for Coronavirus. 

However, in blatant violation of all existing Coronavirus guidelines and operating procedures, Kuldeep landed up at the doorstep of Hathras victim's family and met them along with his supporters. 

Clearly, the AAP MLA chose to serve petty political interests over public safety.

He live-tweeted his entire journey to Hathras.

Kuldeep claims he had permission to visit the family, but hid the fact, perhaps willingly, that he was infected with Coronavirus.

He gathered his supporters, sat in close proximity to the victim's family and exchanged pleasantries with hundreds more.

While the AAP government in Delhi has been condemning Yogi Adityanath's administration for the rising rape incidents in Uttar Pradesh, it has so far been silent on its MLA's recklessness.

The BJP though latched on to the issue. BJP's Delhi unit has criticised the reckless move and demanded action against the MLA under the Epidemics Act for knowingly risking the lives of others.