Noida: A quick thinking from a neighbour and arrival of Childline officials saved two poor girls aged 12 and 16 from becoming victims of child marriage in Haryana.

The father, a 42-year-old daily wage labourer from a Greater Noida village, fixed the marriage with two boys from the neighbouring area as he had no earning following the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

As Bakrid is just a few days away and fearing expenses, he decided on a simple marriage and send them off to their in-laws’ houses.

According to reports, a Childlife official said the poor girls are students of Class six and Class nine and since there are no jobs due to the lockdown, the debts were mounting and expenses shot up.

Fear of expenses for his daughters during these tough times, the father fixed the marriages.

In a similar case of child marriage, a family had married off their 17 year-old-boy just to get the girl to do domestic work. It was reported that the young boy's mother had a problem in her leg and affects her mobility. To get help in doing daily chores, the family fixed the marriage. However based on the complaint to Childline, even this marriage was cancelled.