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Know Pratiksinh Chudasama and his influential journey to becoming “Digital Pratik”

With his branding and marketing knowledge, Pratiksinh Chudasama helps brands stand out using contextual content marketing that engages audiences.

Know Pratiksinh Chudasama and his influential journey to becoming "Digital Pratik"-vpn
Bengaluru, First Published Dec 31, 2021, 11:12 AM IST
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Pratiksinh Chudasama, a 32-year-old individual best referred to as Digital Pratik in the digital marketing world is known to ace his journey as a Digital Branding Strategist, Personal Branding Practitioner, Social Media Communicator, and a Hard-core content creator of all the social media platforms which are relevant in the now.

Born in Madhavpur, Porbandar, Gujarat and raised in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Pratik belongs to a lower middle-class background. His dad used to own a small business of printing visiting cards and worked hard to get his son educated. The hard work of his dad influenced him upto a great extent, leading him to be a good student and opt for engineering after his schooling. Pratik soon dropped out of the college after realization of his not-so-typical dreams. His ambition and dedication to make money pulled him towards opting for his real dream of getting a full-time job. Pratik survived the hardship and monetary crunch by joining a call center as the industry of contact centers was booming in 2010. He soon cracked his first job offer of Rs. 9700 a month in Oct 2010.

Starting from an Rs. 300 in his account, he soon found a direction to his path to success. One of the videos of Jack Canfield influenced him to take one step at a time and follow the path that comes naturally. It is also said that this is where he found faith in himself. Pratik soon raised himself as a customer service head in one of the call centers, by 2014.

Pratik keeps his head clear about what he seeks and refers to himself as a man who wants to earn more money and lead a great lifestyle. This path of trying to make more money has also backlashed his dreams many times when he couldn’t continue opting for what he dreamt of. He came across many opportunities with less futuristic goals. Borrowing money from his friends to lose the same money was also a part of his journey. In many of his interviews, he has mentioned living on the cheapest food budget for months that helped him to save more money and eventually gave him the idea to build strategies instead of investing unnecessary money.

From learning more about Affiliate marketing & blogging to understanding the concept of on-page and off-page SEO, he has worked on various ideas to earn money. By 2013, he had started self-educating & practicing digital marketing strategies. He joined DSIM a known marketing institute after struggling for months and was offered a job as a digital marketing trainer in 2015.

He moved to Delhi for this full-time job & after this his side hustle started blooming when he decided to start sharing his knowledge through more videos & blogs and soon he was all over social media sharing free online courses. With the success of his work, he decided to make “Digital Pratik” a full-time practice in late 2018. With his branding & marketing knowledge, he helps brands stand out using contextual content marketing that engages audiences. His specialization includes paid media ads and personal branding among others. 

He now has 700+ videos on YouTube, 4000+ Instagram posts, and 4 Billion+ Giphy views amongst many other helpful attempts across online platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Quora. His core focus is to bring value to his audience and empower them with free valuable content. Educating individuals on branding & marketing which works in the now, is what he believes in. His latest initiative 'JorrParivar' is India's 1st Ever Community Driven NFT Project around 22 original intellectual properties drawn, copyrighted & then minted by Digital Pratik himself. The initiative is inspiring and joining many people with each passing day. He reads, researches, practices and educates incessantly.  He likes to call himself hard core practitioner “Digital Pratik” in the world of digital marketing.

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