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Viral Video: Influencer licks and chews gum from Seattle's famous Gum Wall; internet grossed out (WATCH)

In a quest for online attention, an influencer's repulsive act of licking and chewing gum from Seattle's famous gum wall sparks widespread online criticism and disgust.

Viral Video: Influencer licks and chews gum from Seattle's famous Gum Wall; internet grossed out (WATCH) snt
First Published Nov 6, 2023, 3:00 PM IST

In pursuit of garnering attention and online popularity, content creators and influencers often resort to outlandish acts. Recently, an incident involving an influencer in the US generated widespread disgust on social media after a video surfaced showing xoAeriel, a Twitch streamer, licking and chewing gum from Seattle's famous "gum wall." The viral video captures xoAeriel sticking her tongue out to lick the extensively adorned wall covered with chewed gum. The footage concludes with her seen chewing on a lengthy piece of gum attached to the wall, leading to widespread criticism and disdain from online spectators.

The public response was swift and severe, with many condemning the act as attention-seeking and revolting. Comments expressed reactions of repulsion, with users expressing their dismay and disgust at the video. One commenter mentioned, "I wish I could unsee this," while another stated, "This makes me want to puke." The general sentiment leaned towards finding the act distasteful and unhygienic, with some even humorously associating it with the potential for starting the next virus.

In defense of her actions, Aeriel explained that the gum she licked was actually previously chewed by herself and affixed to the wall. She clarified that she had chewed over a hundred pieces of gum, wearing gloves while placing them on the wall. She said, ''So it's still kind of disgusting, and I did get really sick from it, but I didn't actually lick random people's gum. Lol im dead.. You all I chewed so much gum for this video. moral of the story is don't chew 100 pc of gum.''

Despite this explanation, the online community continued to express repugnance towards the incident.

The gum wall, situated in Seattle's Pike Place Market, is an unconventional tourist attraction, entirely covered with used chewing gum. Initially started in the 1990s by local patrons and performers at Unexpected Productions, the wall gradually expanded as visitors habitually added their chewed gum to the collection.

The official website dedicated to the site describes it as an unexpected and colorful display, representing Seattle's distinct charm and character. "This unexpected and colorful display is an intriguing representation of Seattle's unique charm and character. The Gum Wall started in the 1990s when local patrons and performers at Unexpected Productions stuck their used gum on the wall. Since those days, the wall has grown piece by piece to cover an enormous expanse of brick and continues to expand down Post Alley. The resulting colors and overall imagery are enough to catch the eye of any passerby," explains the official website dedicated to the place. 

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