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'Several Indians want BJP, PM Modi to lose LS elections': Pakistani journalist's claim sparks outrage (WATCH)

In a recent statement, senior Pakistani journalist Mazhar Abbas stirred up a storm by suggesting that a significant portion of the Indian populace desires the defeat of BJP and PM Narendra Modi in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections of 2024.

Several Indians want BJP, PM Modi to lose LS elections Pakistani journalist's claim sparks outrage (WATCH) snt
First Published Apr 27, 2024, 2:35 PM IST

In a recent statement, senior Pakistani journalist Mazhar Abbas stirred up a storm by suggesting that a significant portion of the Indian populace desires the defeat of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections of 2024. Abbas's remarks have ignited heated debates across both sides of the border, with many Indians vehemently rejecting his assertions and defending their democratic process.

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In an interview on YouTube channel Raftar, Mazhar Abbas was asked how he views the ongoing elections in India and whether BJP and PM Modi will return to power for the next five years. In response, the senior Pakistani journalist painted a picture of an India on the brink of losing its secular fabric if Modi's government secures another term. He posits that Modi's victory would signify the death knell of secularism in India, drawing parallels to the tenure of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as the purported "last secular leader" of the nation.

"If Modi wins, then till be the last election of secular India. A lot of people believe that when Manmohan Singh became PM after Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he was the last secular leader of India. I don't see any uprising in India. A lot of people are hoping that 2024 election outcome is not a repeat of the 2004 results. In 2004, a lot of people though BJP will win, but that didn't happen. Manmohan Singh became PM and he was there for 10 years," Abbas said in the podcast interview.

The senior Pakistani journalist also characterized the Indian media landscape especially its treatment towards Muslim journalists. Claiming that India is moving to become a 'Hindu state', Abbas claimed, "The Indian media is more controlled than the Pakistani media. Reporters Without Borders recently made a statement recently about the plight of journalists in India. They have spoken about spying of Indian journalists and demanded its end. Sources of journalists are also approached if they get to know that the source is the one who gave the information. Most of Indian electronic media is controlled by BJP. Muslim journalists in India are facing several problems like artists."

"The Indian society... one is Hindutva and one is hardline where you don't give any rights to minorities... The world doesn't talk about India the way they talk about Pakistan... probably because of economic interest," he added.

Mazhar Abbas also claimed that several Indians are hoping that BJP and PM Modi doesn't return to power, stating, "A lot of people in India believe that it's important for BJP to lose this elections. More than BJP they want Modi to lose. BJP had Vajpayee as well, who was way better than several Congress leaders. He was a rational person. When Vajpayee came to Lahore, I was there as well. When Vajpayee said Jinnah was a great leader, there was a backlash in India. But the Indian society is becoming unsafe."

"When I visited India the last time around 2006-07 for a conference the only thing I said was the difference between India and Pakistan is that in Pakistan votes are not given on the basis of religion. In India, BJP has become the biggest jamaat and you will realize this in the coming times, which are getting proven," the senior Pakistani journalist added.

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Many Indians have taken to various platforms to denounce Abbas's statements as baseless and misinformed. They argue that his assertions not only lack substantiation but also undermine the democratic ethos of India. Contrary to Abbas's claims, they assert that India's electoral process remains robust, inclusive, and reflective of the diverse voices within the country.

Critics point out that Abbas's commentary overlooks the nuanced dynamics of Indian politics and the diverse opinions held by its citizens. While there may be dissatisfaction with certain policies or governance issues, the notion that a sweeping majority of Indians desire the defeat of BJP and Modi is deemed as grossly inaccurate.

"It's so funny that Islamic countries are always concerned about secularism and societies of other countries. Mazhar Abbas, why don't you try to bring secularism and democracy in your own country," said one irked Indian on X, formerly Twitter.

Another Indian commented, "When Pakistanis oppose an Indian politician, we Indians realize that he is the right choice for us."

"To understand India first understand Hinduism. Hinduism is secular in itself. So don’t compare Islamic Pakistan with Hindu India," said a third Indian user on YouTube.

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