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Outrage erupts as ancient Hanuman temple in Pakistan's Lahore converted to public toilet; WATCH viral video

A startling video has emerged, exposing the desecration of Lahore's Basuli Hanuman Mandir in Pakistan, which has been repurposed into a public toilet. The footage has ignited widespread outrage across social media platforms.

Outrage erupts as ancient Hanuman temple in Pakistan's Lahore converted to public toilet; WATCH viral video snt
First Published Apr 24, 2024, 12:01 PM IST

In the heart of Pakistan city Lahore's historic Anarkali neighborhood stands a relic of the past - the Basuli Hanuman Mandir, also known as the Bansi Mandir. Erected in the early 20th century by a prosperous Hindu family, this temple was once a site of spiritual reverence and cultural significance. However, decades of neglect and the tumultuous events of Partition in 1947 have left this sacred space in a state of abandonment and desecration.

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Recently, a shocking video has surfaced, revealing the desecration of the Basuli Hanuman Mandir, now transformed into a public toilet facility. The footage circulating on social media platforms depicts the distressing sight of six toilets nestled within the once-hallowed halls of the temple, tarnishing its sanctity and historical significance.

For Hindus around the world, the sacrilege committed against the Basuli Hanuman Mandir has sparked a wave of indignation and outrage. This ancient place of worship, revered by generations of Hindus, has been defiled, serving as a painful reminder of the challenges faced by religious minorities in Pakistan.

Beyond the borders of Pakistan, the plight of the Basuli Hanuman Mandir has reignited conversations about religious freedom and minority rights. Many Indians see the desecration of the temple as a symptom of broader issues plaguing religious minorities in Pakistan, highlighting the urgent need for greater protection and respect for diversity.

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"Atrocities against Hindus completely ignored by the so called independent run @USCIRF that wields so much power over @POTUS government and US media," wrote an irked netizen on X, formerly Twitter.

Another Indian user added, "@oicarabic @UNHumanRights @UNOCHA this is the Pakistan where minority are very suffer very difficult life. Minority Religion places are converted in a Public toilet in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan."

"Shameful," said several enraged users unanimously.

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