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Poland on High Alert: Defense minister reveals shocking preparations for possible war with Russia

In a stunning revelation, Poland's Defense Minister has declared a state of high alert, unveiling unprecedented preparations in response to the looming threat of war with Russia. Tensions escalate as the nation braces for potential conflict. Stay tuned for further developments.

Poland on High Alert: Defense minister reveals shocking preparations for possible war with Russia avv
First Published Feb 6, 2024, 5:47 PM IST

NATO countries are expecting a Russian offensive after operations against Ukraine have stalled bringing the conflict to a halt. Poland especially is preparing for all scenarios as the likelihood of escalation increases after the Russian army's increased presence and combat drills along the Polish border. Poland is ramping up its defense procurements to better prepare. 

Poland Defense Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz sounded the alarm bells of a Russian offensive in an interview with the newspaper Super Express. He said, “I expect every scenario and take the worst ones most seriously. That is the task of a defense minister in the situation we find ourselves in today. Not just said these words out of the blue.”

Though the Polish defense minister expressed his evaluation of the worst-case scenario. But leaked security documents from European countries, especially Germany, highlight that a Russian offensive is on its way and could occur as soon as June this year. The leaked documents further suggested that Russia is keen to take advantage of the US elections and launch an attack on NATO countries.

Russia has been gathering military force through various schemes. For a change, a policy has also been released where foreign individuals joining the Russian Army will get Russian citizenship and this includes the participants’ families as well. Vladimir Putin has also reportedly struck a missile, and mobile launcher deal with North Korea. 

The world's largest country is going to polls in March and estimates suggest another 6-year term for Vladimir Putin. The Russian President is desperate to take revenge against the West for their funding and weapon aid to Ukrainian Forces when the war was at its peak last year.

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