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Chinese woman makes 120 crore weekly with jaw-dropping 3-second reviews; Unbelievable success stuns (WATCH)

In an incredible feat, Zheng Xiang Xiang’s rapid-fire 3-second reviews are not just grabbing attention but also earning an astounding ₹120 Crore every week. The global buzz around her unparalleled success has set the world abuzz, sparking curiosity and admiration for her extraordinary achievements.

Chinese woman makes 120 crore weekly with jaw-dropping 3-second reviews; Unbelievable success stuns (WATCH) avv
First Published Feb 8, 2024, 6:21 PM IST

Social Media influencers have rapidly grown in the age of high-speed internet. The number of content creators has been rapidly rising due to the money, fame, and satisfaction involved in the path. China has the second most internet users in the world with booming social media platforms helping influencers live their dream.

A Chinese woman has crossed the creative lines of advertising due to which she now earns ₹120 crore weekly which is even more than the biggest of the celebrities in the Asian nation. Zheng Xiang Xiang has taken social media platforms in China by storm as she already has 5 million followers on Douyin - the Chinese version of TikTok.

Despite her mammoth following, Zheng Xiang Xiang earns the majority of her finances through affiliate marketing. The young social media influencer has found a new and unconventional way of marketing products which requires minimalistic time catering to her channel as well as the audience.

Many of the social media influencers while advertising a product take greater details into account to explain the nuances of the product which consumes a higher time frame. Zheng Xiang Xiang has discarded such approaches and adopted lightning-fast yet impactful advertising.

The social media icon uses only three seconds for marketing a product in her videos on Douyin. An orange box is thrown her way, Zheng Xiang Xiang quickly grasps the box, opens it, and shows a close-range shot of the product while revealing the price. That's how short her advertising of a product is. Despite, nothing much revealed about the product, audiences have shown massive interest in purchasing the products.

Zheng Xiang Xiang through such support and craze from her audience has taken a steady leap in terms of earnings. Companies fight against each other to get the three-second time frame in Zheng Xiang Xiang’s videos. Many other social media influencers are also trying to adapt to the rapid change.

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