Union Home Minister Amit Shah gave a strong message to BJP workers amid continuous protests across the state over the BJP candidate. He made it clear during his state visit on Sunday (March 21) that the party will not tolerate any protest against the candidate.

At the same time, Amit Shah gave a message to the party workers to work together to remove the Trinamool Congress government from the state.

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After the Agra meeting on Sunday, Shah held another meeting with the workers at Mecheda in East Midnapore in the afternoon. He has given multiple instructions to the workers of the Tamluk organizational district. He said BJP workers should not hold their breath until grassroots corruption is eradicated.

Amit Shah explained the role of the party workers in the election. He told how to promote the party on social media. He also said that some staff will be trained as polling agents in each assembly constituency.

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Amit Shah also gave a strong message about the workers' protest regarding the election candidates. He said that the BJP will not tolerate any protest against the candidate. In that case, the party will take disciplinary action against the protesters.

The meeting was attended by members of six assembly constituencies of the Tamluk organizational district. The BJP was leading in the last Lok Sabha elections in Pashkura West, the only assembly constituency under the Tamluk Lok Sabha constituency. The Nandigram Center belongs to this Lok Sabha. As a result, Amit Shah knows that the fight is going to be difficult.