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Have you seen golden tortoise beetles? The viral video has left leaves netizens amazed!

The golden tortoise beetle, also known as Charidotella Sexpunctata, is part of the leaf beetle family that has captured users' attention on digital media.

Have you seen golden tortoise beetles? The viral video has left leaves netizens amazed! - gps
India, First Published Apr 12, 2022, 1:34 PM IST

Nature is blessed with beautiful creatures, some we may know about while most we are still unaware of. However, there are some incredible creatures that grab our attention. One such video of a golden tortoise beetle emerged online recently and since then has gone viral. Twitter user Amazing Nature shared the video of shiny golden beetle with the caption, "The Golden Tortoise. Awesome Nature." Regularly, videos of these unusual insects capture netizens' attention on social media.

In the video, three golden tortoise beetles are creeping on the person's palm. As he focuses the camera on the beetles, one of them flies away, and the other reaches the tip of the fingers. The Amazing Nature does not disclose more details of the place or clip.

After being shared online, the video has gone crazy viral and has accumulated over one million views and over 43,000 likes. After watching it, some users remembered their childhood, whereas few saw it for the first time and expressed their opinions in the comments section. 

The golden tortoise beetle is widely found in eastern North America, west of Iowa and Texas. It is one of three kinds of tortoise beetle species found in Florida. 

They are called 'golden tortoise beetle' because of their translucent shell, similar to a tortoise's hard surface. Interestingly, the golden tortoise beetle may not be found in the standard golden colour. The golden colour of the insect changes at every stage of life and is ultimately lost at death. Watch the video.

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