The latest announcement from Reliance at its AGM finally unveiled its new 4G VoLTE supporting phone that you can get 'effectively free' or at Rs 0. Along with that it has also announced some cheaper data plans

Now, several reports online reveal that one important aspect may go missing on the feature phone, which could make it a deal breaker. According to a report by Gadgets360, the device has no support for WhatsApp yet. Moreover, it is likely to be a single-SIM device.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in India. It has a large active user base. On the other hand, the device will come pre-loaded with Jio apps including the Jio Chat app, and will also come with support for YouTube and Facebook. 

It is disappointing that the JioPhone won't support WhatsApp. However, reports circulating online also suggest an update in future may bring support for WhatsApp. 

Here are the new data plans announced

Rs 153
The company has extended the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer. For Jiophone users it launches a plan at just Rs 153 for free 4G data along with unlimited calls and SMS. There will also be access to Jio apps. And, the unlimited data will come with a cap of 0.5GB 4G data per day. The speed will be 128kbps once you have exhausted the 0.5GB 4G data per day. 
Rs 23
At Rs 23, JioPhone users will get a small recharge pack, which the company calls sachet, for free voice calls, SMS and unlimited data with a validity of two days. 
Rs 53
Just like the Rs 23 sachet, it also offers Rs 53 sachet.  However, its validity is a week-long. It also offers unlimited voice calls and SMS and access to Jio apps, along with unlimited data. 
Rs 309
JioPhone TV cable will let you connect your phone to a TV to view content on a larger display. Priced at Rs 309, it will allow users to watch about 3-4 hours of video daily. 
How to get the JioPhone for 'free'
So, Jio plans friendly trials from 15 August, while the pre-booking of the device will be on 24 August. Once you pre-book the device, probably by paying the amount, it will then be ready for delivery by September. You can pre-book via the Jio app or by visiting Jio retailer.