iPhone 8 design leaks, yet again: All you need to know

technology | 21 June 2017 9:58 AM (UTC)
naina n
  • The TouchID could come embedded under the display.
  • Another consistent rumour has been about wireless charging.
  • A dual camera setup aligned vertically is expected. 

Now, a new leak shows iPhone 8 cases, which have been built using the existing information. MobileFun that has listed the cases told 9To5Mac that Olixar created them using the schematics and information from people related to the matter.

Images: Mobilefun

In the past, we've seen several iPhone 8 renders, even one running iOS 11. Previously leaked images shows the all-new Control Center, Lock Screen, Apple Music, and also Messages. iDropnews that has leaked these images show a bezel-less display, and one will notice that there is no Home button. Some reports claimed the device is likely to get facial recognition, and this one further confirms infrared sensor and front laser for facial recognition.

Image: iDropNews

The TouchID has been subjected to multiple inconsistent reports, however, this one reaffirms that it will be embedded under the display. Other specs leaked reveal a dual camera setup aligned vertically. A small sensor bar is also expected, which will have dual front-facing cameras, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and earpiece, as per report.

Image: iDropNews

Another consistent rumour has been about wireless charging. Needless to say, others like Samsung have been offering this feature for some time now. It will be offering wireless charging via rear panel. The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus may not get this feature. The leak suggests that the iPhone 8 will retain the same 3GB RAM that was also seen in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple is also said to be developing its own artificial intelligence chip dubbed Apple Neural Engine. It will be in future Apple products. Apple is known to bring in newer and attractive colour options. We saw the jet black with the iPhone 7. Rumour has it the company celebrate its anniversary with a red variant. However, take this bit with a pinch of salt, for now.

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