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Daily Horoscope for December 4, 2022: Superb day for Pisces, Cancer; be careful Taurus

Chirag Daruwalla, who carries on the legacy of his late father and renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, shares daily astrological predictions for December 4, 2022. Continue reading and share with your friends.

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First Published Dec 4, 2022, 1:30 AM IST

Ganesha says
time is great to invest somewhere, but take guidance from an experienced person. You will also have a special contribution in religious and spiritual activities. A good
notification can be received from a close relative. There may be a situation of arguments in a public place, mind your own business. Also spend some time in self-reflection and
contemplation. Be conscious of the respect and health of the elder members of the household.

Ganesha says
few challenges may come up but you will be able to face them with full confidence. If any government work is stuck, today it can be solved with the help of an influential person. Do not do any kind of transaction related to money. Knowing about any negative activity of children can make the mind disappointed. Try to solve problems calmly. Have faith in your karma instead of doing wrong remedies. Your influence will be maintained in the field of work.

Ganesha says
you will be able to find time for yourself and family even though the work is more. You will also have special support in taking some important family decisions. Youngsters can get positive results in their career related exams. Some new responsibility may increase the work. At this time, there is also a situation where there is a loss, so do the work related to the accounting books carefully. Don't get into an argument with anyone without talking.

Ganesha says
at this time the planetary condition is becoming excellent. Any goal related to financial planning will be easily achieved. Selfless contribution towards religious organizations will increase your reputation. Face any negative situation calmly. Anger and resentment can worsen the situation. One may have to contend with problems related to admission of children. Take all decisions in the business sector by yourself.

Ganesha says
try to find your special talent. Your talent will also come in front of people. If some changes or improvements are being planned in the house, then the time is favourable.
Follow the rules of Vastu. Be aware that along with the coming of rupees, the expenses will also come up. Avoid any travel during this time. The youth should not lose sight of their
goals. Stay away from negative and wrong activities.

Ganesha says
there will be family get-togethers with friends. The time will be spent happily and full of entertainment. Any problem related to children can also be solved by consulting
each other. Students and youth will be careless towards their goals these days, due to which there may be disruption in their work. Ongoing differences with brothers can be resolved
with the help of an elder member.

Ganesha says
time is bringing positive change for you. In case of any dilemma, the support of family members will prove to be helpful for you. One can also get relief from the ongoing
upheaval. Don't reveal anything important about yourself to anyone by getting emotional. It may cause some problems. Sources of income will be less. Soon the situation will be
favourable. At this time put your energy and expand your contacts more. There will be proper harmony and cooperation between family members.

Ganesha says
the start of the day will be successful. Today you may benefit from some of your political contacts. You will be able to fulfil your family and professional obligations properly. An unpleasant incident may happen with a close person. Due to which the mind can remain a little disappointed. A feeling of suspicion towards someone in your mind can spoil the relationship. So it is necessary to bring change in one's practice as per time.

Ganesha says
at this time, instead of hoping for help from others, have faith in your own work ability. Due to the maturity of any policy etc., some money related investment plans
will be made. Also keep in mind that due to your haste and carelessness, there may be some damage. Students will need to pay more attention in any of their projects. Be flexible in your
approach. Time is favourable. Start planning your important tasks from the beginning of the day.

Ganesha says
your contribution will be important in social and family activities. It is necessary to spend some time in a retreat or a religious place for peace. With this you can create a new energy communication within you. The youth should stay away from wrong association and wrong habits. Proper deliberation is essential while taking any important decision. It is better not to take any action without reading above document.

Ganesha says
time will pass in purchasing important items related to the house. Your positive and cooperative behaviour will keep you respected in society and family. If the youth work hard towards their goals, success will surely come. It is necessary to take care of the budget while doing any work. Do not interfere in the affairs of others for no reason, because of which you may also be criticized or condemned.

Ganesha says
this time nature is giving you some auspicious sign. You will be successful in achieving your goal. Completion of an important task can also bring mental and spiritual
peace there may be some troubles and problems financially. Someone's negative behaviour can make you emotionally weak. Maintain distance from others in such situations. Bringing
change in the working system will be positive. Spend some time with family to get relief from the tiredness of the day.

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