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Why you should consider changing jobs at regular intervals

  • For better salary
  • No more boring job
why you should consider changing jobs every 3 to 5 years


Working your learning curve: You have been at the same desk for the past two years, hammering away on the same computer, using your university learning. As the years move on, have you noticed the job world around you? For a reality check, go on to the job sites, look up the requisites for your post and profession currently and look how the demands have changed. So you definitely don’t want to become outdated. Best way to do that is take a step back, analyse how far behind you are and make-up for it, even though it means doing it in a new job. New job means new skills, new strategies and new environment, which in itself is a stimulating and motivating experience.



For better salary: Yes, money is at the root of all this. A job-hopper after a stable period of working in a company can command a much higher salary outside in the job market. You have quality work to show in your resume, experience and a higher learning curve. You can expect a 10-20 per cent hike in salary as compared to the measly 5 per cent your company was going to give you.



No more boring job: Imagine having to do the same thing so over and again for the next 5 years! Unless it is the role of a panda  hugger, I don’t think you’d be interested. A new job means new prospects, more networking, more people, different work, different policies and a complete immersion of your skills. You will enjoy the familiar thrill of learning something new every day, rediscover what it means to not know something; in short it will keep you engaged.



Break the chains: If you have been feeling shortchanged at work, overlooked for promotion, begging for holidays, working under an incompetent management, feeling the restrictive company policies; in short, you are suffering from a toxic workplace but were scared to do anything about it. Look at a job change as a fresh start and an end to the demons that were pulling you down. Embark on a revitalised and invigorated you, plus it will help you know what next to look for in your new workplace. Don’t bury your career so soon, because convention says so or your boss says so.



Grow your network: Always remember to leave on good terms with your previous companies. Your next job always requires reference and  suppose your previous company now has a senior position open which appeals to you they will always consider you. With the growing interaction in the new jobs that you work in, you will also be able to expand your career opportunities.


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