Depending on which country you’re from or residing at, here are some quirky names for condoms around the world.


Country: England
Slang Term: French Letter
Reason: During the height of the Anglo-French war, it is believed, according to the British military,  a colonel came up with this phrase to avoid his troops from getting syphilis from the French – who considered the French to be decadent.


Country:  France
Slang Term:  English Hat
Reason:  Similarly, used for the same reasons, as above, it was called as the English Hat by them  – except this was to prevent the French from being afflicted with what they referred to as the “English disease.”


Country:  Nigeria
Slang Term: Penis Hat
Reason:  In ancient times, there were condoms that just covered the penis head, so hence in a way it could be considered a hat


Country: Portugal
Slang Term: Venus Shirt or camisinha
Reason:  It is said to have been named after the Roman goddess of love.  Apt, wouldn’t you think?


Country: Hong Kong
Slang term:  Bulletproof vest
Reason:  Sounding something right off an action flick, peng da vi or bullet proof vest, is well, self explanatory.