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Watch: Lioness charges at giraffe with disastrous results

  • Planet Earth II has delighted viewers yet again
  • A dramatic chase between a pride of lionesses and giraffe had viewers at the edge of the seat
  • It ended with an unexpected winner
  • Watch the video
lioness giraffe attack


In existence for over 43 million years, it’s no wonder that the Nambib desert is called the oldest desert in the world.


And it’s right here that one of the most dramatic scenes took place between a giraffe and lioness on Planet Earth II unfolded.


A pride of lions had its sights on a solitary giraffe wandering across this vast desert.  These lionesses had been on a hunt for three days without a kill, so unsurprisingly, they thought they had hit the proverbial jackpot.  


After the pride stalked the giraffe, it was up to one lioness to get the job done. In what was a classic yet unexpected David and Goliath-like situation, when the lioness moved in for the kill, the giraffe upped the ante. Not only did it choke-slam the lioness, who flung to the ground with a sickening thud,  it also stomped on it just to drive home a point.




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Talk about so close, yet so far.   Giraffe: 1 – Lioness: 0

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