The newly appointed Bengaluru Mayor Sampath Raj made a joke of himself during the Gandhi Jayanthi celebration on Monday when he said  Bengaluru is 'celebrating 148th shraddhanjali' of the leader (expressing condolence on death anniversary).

Sampath Raj, an engineering graduate, was supposed to be the best pick for Mayor from Congress. The fact was that the event was organised to celebrate the birth anniversary of the father of the nation and the mayor was ill-prepared for the event.

The crowd was shocked, and soon Sampath, who realised his mistake accepted his folly. Speaking to Asianet Newsable about the blunder, he said," It was a mistake. I apologise. I wanted to tell, Gandhi Ji's efforts to free India from British should always be remembered, but I said Shraddhanjali by mistake.”

Similarly, the Former Mayor Shardhamma who had made headlines for wishing the public on Independence day. Shardhamma then-Mayor between 2012-13, instead of wishing 65th Independence Day to Bengaluru citizens, said she wished a good 44th Independence Day. Facebook had a field day ridiculing the then mayor.

Earlier when MLC PR Ramesh was Bengaluru’s Mayor in 2004, he landed into controversy when he gave 'gift' coupons to journalists. The matter was referred for  probe, and the matter eventually died.

Freedom fighter HS Doreswamy expressed shock and also sadness on the appointment of such candidates as Mayors who make foolish comments and leave the office by doing very little for the development of Bengaluru.

"Most of the candidates these days elected to Bengaluru city corporation are proxies of ministers and MLAs or former corporators, and hence they lack good knowledge regarding history and also development of the city.