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Karnataka: Industries minister MB Patil backs Hebbalkar's historical statement on Belagavi

Lakshmi Hebbalkar, the Minister of Women and Child Development of Karnataka, received backing from Industry Minister M.B. Patil for her statement claiming that Belagavi historically belonged to the Mumbai region before India gained independence.

Karnataka: Industries minister MB Patil backs Hebbalkar's historical statement on Belagavi
First Published Jan 8, 2024, 6:46 PM IST

Minister M.B. Patil echoed Hebbalkar's sentiments, affirming that what she stated is indeed a widely acknowledged historical fact. Speaking to the media in Bengaluru on Monday, Patil asserted that there is no error in acknowledging the historical ties Belagavi had with the Mumbai region before the reorganization of states in post-independence India.
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Addressing the media in Bengaluru, M.B. Patil emphasized the historical accuracy of Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar's statement about Belagavi's historical connection with Maharashtra. He stated, 'Yes, what she has said is a historical fact. Everyone knows that. It is not wrong to say that. However, the areas previously under the jurisdiction of Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Madras became part of integrated Karnataka after repartition. All such areas are now in integrated Karnataka,' he declared.

Patil condemns those attempting to criticize Hebbalkar, stating that their motives seem focused on creating unnecessary political controversies rather than addressing historical facts.

He suggests that the critics might be pursuing such controversies for attention in the media.

Kantaraj Report and Backward Classes' Concerns:

Shifting focus to the Kantaraj report, Minister M.B. Patil addressed its implications for backward classes. He clarified that while there is no objection to the Kantaraj report, he has requested the Chief Minister to consider certain corrections. Patil explained that there is a concern among backward-class Swamijis regarding the mention of Lingayat sub-castes affecting reservation policies. Addressing this concern could lead to the inclusion of Lingayat sub-castes in the caste categorization.

On the topic of the potential appointment of three more Deputy Chief Ministers in the government, Minister M.B. Patil maintained his stance. He emphasized that there is no change in his position on the matter, mentioning that if the party high command seeks his opinion, he will express it within the party forums rather than discussing it publicly.

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