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Karnataka: Husband missing for 6 years found living as Transgender in Ramanagara

Laxman Rao, missing for six years, was found living as transgender Vijayalakshmi after a viral video on 'Bigg Boss.'Ijoor police, led by a transgender activist's address, discovered Laxman's new identity. Despite the facial resemblance, Vijayalakshmi denied being Laxman, causing emotional turmoil. Police closed the case, respecting Vijayalakshmi's chosen identity.

Karnataka: Husband missing for 6 years found living as Transgender in Ramanagara vkp
First Published Feb 1, 2024, 10:21 AM IST

A man who had gone missing from his family in Ramanagara six years ago was recently discovered living a new life as a transgender individual. Laxman Rao, formerly employed in a chicken shop, had vanished in 2017, leaving his wife and two sons in despair. The breakthrough in the case came unexpectedly, thanks to the popular Kannada reality show 'Bigg Boss.'

The family had exhausted all avenues to locate Laxman, filing a complaint with the Ijoor police station, but to no avail. The only ray of hope emerged when a contestant on 'Bigg Boss,' Neetu Vanajakshi, visited Mysore as part of the show. Third genders were honoured during the program, and a viral video captured Laxman, now identifying as Vijayalakshmi, participating in the festivities.

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The striking resemblance between Laxman's face and the person in the viral video caught the attention of family members and law enforcement alike. The Ijoor police stumbled upon the connection while investigating transgender social activist Rashmika, who had shared the viral reels. Rashmika, unaware of Laxman's background, provided an address to the police.

Upon reaching the location, the police were met with a shocking revelation. Laxman, now Vijayalakshmi, adamantly denied being the missing husband. Despite the uncanny facial resemblance, Vijayalakshmi insisted on her new identity, causing a momentary confusion for the police.

The subsequent inquiry at the Ijoor police station left Laxman's wife in shock. Fainting upon seeing her husband's transformation into a woman, the emotional reunion was a mix of disbelief and distress. The couple's children were unaware of the circumstances.

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When questioned about his desire for a traditional family life, Laxman, now Vijayalakshmi, expressed a preference for embracing life as a transgender individual. Rejecting the idea of returning to his previous marital and paternal roles, he pleaded to be left alone with his chosen identity.

The emotional rollercoaster at the police station left family members in tears, with the father-in-law lamenting the perceived ruination of his daughter's life. In an unexpected turn, the police, satisfied with confirming Laxman's whereabouts, officially closed the missing person case.

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