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Cops praised for making tourists pick up beer bottles they threw on Kallattagiri Falls road

Tourist enthusiasm in Chikkamagalur leads to littering and disruptive behavior, prompting local police to intervene by making tourists clean up garbage and take strict action against unruly behavior, aiming to maintain peace and cleanliness at popular attractions.

Cops praised for making tourists pick up beer bottles they threw on Kallattagiri Falls road vkp
First Published Aug 18, 2023, 8:41 PM IST

The enthusiasm of tourists in Chikkamagalur has led to problems with disruptive behaviour and littering. The local police at Lingadahalli station have taken strict action against the tourists who were misbehaving by throwing beer bottles and plastic on the Kallattigiri Kemmannugundi road, asking them to pick up their own garbage.

Despite the beautiful tourist spots, issues with garbage and unruly behaviour have surged up in the recent day. Tourists often come during weekends and enjoy, but later they also throw garbage along the road, which disrupts the local life and the vegetation.

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Many people visit these areas to escape the chaos of the city and find peace in nature. However, some visitors have been littering and causing a mess, which had previously caught the police's attention.

The Lingadahalli station police stepped in by making the tourists clean up the garbage left behind by those who were drinking and littering, particularly on the Kallattigiri Kemmannugundi road in Tarikere taluk. These efforts of the police have been widely praised by the Netizens.

There was also an incident recently where tourists were causing disruptions on Devaramane near Mudigere, a popular tourist route in the district. This behaviour upset the local villagers.

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Devaramane in Mudigere taluk is both a place of worship and a tourist attraction, drawing numerous visitors daily. However, some tourists were seen parking their vehicles on the road, dancing and engaging in rowdy behaviour, and causing obstacles for passing vehicles.

The local police have taken strict actions to control the disruptive behaviour of the tourists, who engage themselves in such activities. Tourists, however, should be responsible for whatever they eat and drink at such places, and maintain peace and cleanliness in the environment.

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