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Bengaluru faces on average 85 daily stray dog bite incidents in Silicon City!

Bangalore faces a surge in stray dog attacks, averaging 85 bites daily, with 15,285 reported cases from April to September 2023. Despite a 10% drop in stray dog numbers, the incidents remain concentrated in central zones. Efforts by BBMP include spaying/neutering and awareness campaigns to curb attacks.

Bengaluru faces on average 85 daily stray dog bite incidents in Silicon City! vkp
First Published Dec 16, 2023, 2:41 PM IST

The issue of stray dog attacks has resurged in the capital city of Bangalore, with an alarming average of over 85 individuals falling victim to dog bites each day, as revealed by BBMP statistics. From April to September 2023, a staggering 15,285 cases of dog bites have been reported in the city, indicating the severity of the situation.

A recent survey report jointly conducted by BBMP in collaboration with the Nivedi Institute unveiled that Bangalore is home to approximately 2.79 lakh stray dogs. Surprisingly, this marks a 10% decrease in stray dog numbers compared to 2019. However, the decline in the dog population hasn't translated into a reduction in dog bite incidents. Most dog bite cases have been concentrated in the city's central area, with over 4,000 cases reported in the eastern zone of BBMP. The western zone witnessed more than 3,000 cases, while the southern zone accounted for over 2,500 cases.

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The surge in dog bite incidents showcases a concerning trend over the past few years. The reported cases escalated from 36,672 in 2017-18 to 22,945 in 2022-23, as disclosed by the animal husbandry department of BBMP. These numbers witnessed a temporary dip in 2020-21 and 2021-22 but have since risen drastically, indicating a potential doubling by the end of 2023-24.

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BBMP officials stressed that numerous preventive measures have been initiated to address the stray dog menace. Despite a 10% decrease in the stray dog population, continuous efforts, including regular spaying and neutering of strays, are underway. Moreover, extensive awareness campaigns targeting the public and children aim to mitigate the occurrences of stray dog bites.

From April to September, here's a look at street dogs and reported bites in different zones: The East zone has about 37,685 dogs with 4,109 bites. The West has 22,025 dogs and 3,654 bites. The South zone has 23,241 dogs causing 2,045 bites. Dasarahalli has 21,221 dogs and 659 bites. RR Nagar sees 41,266 dogs and 871 bites. Bommanahalli has 39,183 dogs resulting in 1,025 bites. Yelahanka has 36,343 dogs with 1,041 bites. Mahadevapura has 58,371 dogs causing 1,781 bites. Total street dogs are around 2,79,335 leading to 15,285 reported bites.

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