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Karnataka: Vijayapura residents demand urgent action as stray dogs attack students

Vijayapur City residents face fear and distress due to a surge in stray dogs, culminating in attacks on children. Incidents across multiple areas prompt concerns, with parents reluctant to send kids to school. Calls for immediate action to capture and relocate stray dogs arise amid worries about safety and a lack of response from authorities.

Karnataka: Vijayapura residents demand urgent action as stray dog attacks students vkp
First Published Nov 29, 2023, 1:10 PM IST

Residents of Vijayapur City find themselves gripped by fear and frustration as a surge in the stray dog population has led to alarming incidents, leaving children vulnerable and parents anxious.

In the Badi Kaman area, the issue of stray dogs has escalated significantly over the past month, causing distress among locals. The situation took a terrifying turn when three young children—Maryam Mulla (7), Mahira (4), and Muhammad Shabir (6)—fell victim to a vicious attack by a pack of stray dogs, shocking the entire community. Fortunately, the children managed to evade fatal injuries due to their parents' timely intervention.

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The concern regarding stray dogs is not confined to just one area. Reports from various parts of the city, including Bagayat Galli, Jamima Masjid, Asar Galli, and Daulat Fort, depict a similar narrative of growing fear and unease among residents. Children are being chased by dogs, making it perilous for them to attend school. Consequently, parents are hesitant and fearful of sending their kids to school due to the looming threat of dog attacks.

CCTV footage captured distressing scenes of dogs relentlessly pursuing school-going children, underscoring the severity of the situation. Instances where children were chased and nearly attacked by packs of stray dogs have left the community deeply alarmed. There have been accusations that the proliferation of mutton shops in areas like Badi Kaman, Surki Garden, and Bagayat Galli is contributing to the increase in the stray dog population.

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Residents had earlier appealed to corporation officials to address the issue, but their requests seemingly went unheeded. There's a growing demand for immediate action from authorities to curb the menace. Concerned parents have urged the corporation to conduct operations to capture these stray dogs and relocate them to uninhabited areas to ensure the safety of residents, particularly children.

The surge in stray dogs is believed to be a consequence of a suspension of previous control operations, allowing the dogs to roam freely in groups. Urgent intervention is being urged by residents to prevent any further harm to innocent lives. The community awaits swift and decisive action from the authorities before more untoward incidents occur, emphasizing the need to prioritize public safety and mitigate the risks posed by the growing stray dog population.

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