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Bizarre! Hairstylist uses Ujala to dye client's hair; Blinkit and Swiggy react to viral video (WATCH)

A viral video depicts a hairstylist using Ujala to dye a customer's hair, sparking humorous reactions online and prompting creative suggestions from internet users.

Bizarre Hairstylist uses Ujala to dye client's hair; Blinkit and Swiggy react to viral video (WATCH) snt
First Published Feb 12, 2024, 8:11 PM IST

A recent viral video circulating on the internet has captured the attention of netizens, featuring a hairstylist using an unconventional method to dye a customer's hair. In the video, stylist Rahul Kalshetty can be seen applying Ujala, a liquid fabric enhancer known for its promise to brighten white clothes, to a client's bleached hair. Surprisingly, the experiment yielded unexpectedly successful results, leaving the hair with a perfect shade of white and blue.

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The video, originally posted on Instagram by Rahul Kalshetty himself, has garnered widespread attention, accumulating over 4 million views within just seven days of its posting. Alongside the video, Kalshetty captioned, "Ujala - just experimenting," indicating that the unconventional approach was driven by public curiosity and demand.

The unique hair dyeing technique has prompted reactions from various quarters, including delivery apps Blinkit and Swiggy Instamart, who couldn't resist chiming in on the conversation. Blinkit humorously remarked, "So this is why we are getting so many Ujala orders," while Swiggy Instamart added a playful twist with, "Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi hairan hoon mai."

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The video also sparked a flurry of colorful comments from internet users on Instagram, with one user jesting that the stylist should consider trying Harpic next, adding a touch of humor by suggesting, "Also apply red Harpic with a glossy touch of Black Hit." Another user suggested a whimsical approach, "Roohafza try kro na bhaai (Please try Roohafza)," while a third user humorously recommended, "Perhaps deposit a mouthful of Zubaan Kesari."

Before experimenting on a client, Rahul Kalshetty took the initiative to test the technique on his own hair and documented the process in a separate video, showcasing his willingness to explore unconventional methods within the realm of hairstyling.

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