Jayasurya is all set for the release of his upcoming movie Njan Marykutty directed by Ranjith Sankar. The film will be released on June 15. The second teaser of  Njan Marrykutty was released on June 9. 

Ranjith Shankar has directed the film with Jayasurya in the lead role. Ranjith also shared a photo where we can see Jayasurya's makeover as a transwoman. The movie will be the first Malayalam film to feature a transwoman as the protagonist in a mainstream cinema. This movie portrays the life of a transgender, their childhood and difficulties. 

Njan Marykutty will be the fifth movie of Jayasurya with film-maker Ranjith Sankar. 'Njan Marrykutty' is a movie revolving around the life of a transgender.  

Famous makeup artist and transgender Renju Ranji has also appreciated the movie before its release. Renju has said Marrykutty is not alone there are a lot of Marrykuttys in our society. She also said if the community calls us Marrykutty then we will be delighted than being named as transgenders.

Even actress Anjali Ameer had appreciated the movie and after watching one scene had become emotional, tears rolling down her eyes as she had gone through the phase which Jayasurya brings out as the protagonist of the movie.

Watch the second trailer of  Njan Marykutty here