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'Gaaliyaan bohut padi hain...' Poonam Pandey in leaked audio call with Rakhi Sawant after faking death (WATCH)

In a leaked audio call with Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey explains the secrecy surrounding the fake news of her death due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with an NGO. She clarifies not receiving money for the cause and expresses regret

Poonam Pandey's audio call with Rakhi Sawant over fake death controversy leaked, video goes viral
First Published Feb 4, 2024, 12:12 PM IST

In a surprising turn of events, actress Poonam Pandey revealed on Saturday that she faked her own death as part of a publicity stunt to raise awareness about cervical cancer. This revelation left the nation astonished and triggered a backlash from both social media users and various celebrities. 
Video doing the rounds on social media platforms. Asianet Newsable does not vouch for the authenticity of the video.

A leaked audio call between Poonam and Rakhi Sawant has surfaced on the internet, where Poonam discusses the hate she received after the fake death news. Rakhi expressed disappointment in the call, but Poonam clarified that she was bound by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with an NGO, preventing her from sharing details under the threat of legal action.

Pandey emphasized that she did not receive any money for the cause and disclosed that her mother had also succumbed to cancer. Rakhi Sawant expressed her upset feelings upon learning about Poonam's supposed demise on Thursday.

After Poonam's revelation that she is indeed 'alive,' Rakhi shared a video on her Instagram, questioning the extreme nature of the publicity stunt, asking, "Aise kon publicity karta hai marne ka?"

Poonam Pandey, whose fake death news created a nationwide stir on Friday, apologized to those saddened by the news. She expressed pride in sparking conversations about cervical cancer, asserting that her intention was to bring attention to a disease that silently claims lives.

Following her announcement of being alive, Poonam shared another video explaining her motive. She expressed regret for causing distress and clarified that the extreme measure was taken to initiate a conversation about cervical cancer, a topic often neglected.

Poonam concluded, "I am proud of what my death news has been able to achieve."

In a note shared with her fans, she highlighted the tragic impact of cervical cancer on thousands of women due to a lack of knowledge. Poonam urged women to get vaccinated against cervical cancer, create awareness, and ensure that no woman loses her life to this disease.

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