Shocking news has emerged from Pakistan, where a singer - who was six months pregnant - was shot dead because she declined to stand up while performing at a wedding.

The 24-year-old singer, identified as Samina Samoon, was gunned down in Pakistan's southern Sindh province during a marriage party after she refused to stand up on the gunman's request.

According to Geo News, a guest, identified as Tariq Jatoi, had asked her to stand up and dance with him. While Samoon finally decided to stand up but refused to dance. 

Tariq, who was said to be drunk, pulled out his gun and shot her. She was soon taken to Chandka Medical College Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

A video of the whole incident has now surfaced and is going viral, where we can see the singer performing while the Tariq and other men at the party tossed money at her. 

The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police Abdullah Sheikh for Larkana told Geo News that the killer has been arrested and they have seized the weapon used to kill Samina.