The Indukki incident in God's own country Kerala put the state to shame after killing and cooking an adult leopard after it killed a sheep.

As per reports, main accused Vinod PK and his friends C Kuriakose, Salimon, Binu and Vincent Poulose  to avenge the killing of sheep, laid a snare and after the animal got caught and as it fell down due to exhaustion, the accused beheaded the leopard.

Later they skinned it out and took the carcass. After cooking and eating the animal meat, the accused went around the village trying to sell the remaining meat.

The accused also had extracted it's claws, tooth, nails and skin and were looking for potential buyers.

Upon learning about the incident, Divisional Forest Officer P J Shuhaib formed a team and arrested the accused persons and all were booked under Wildlife Act 1972 and were sent to jail.

Cruelty to animals seems to be increasing, recently an elephant was set on fire. In another case, an elephant lost its life standing in water after it's mouth was torn as miscreants had kept a bomb in pineapple.