Cricketers are treated as top celebrities, especially in India. As a result, the attract top endorsement deals, while they promote a particular product by featuring in commercials, in any form, i.e. picture or video.

Most of the cricketers tend to feature in some of the popular commercials for favourite products. However, some even promote a product which can be deemed controversial, as they face the wrath of some fans.

It is not just restricted to Indians cricketers but has happened overseas too. On the same note, we take a look at four cricketers, who were at the receiving end for the same.

Steve Smith: It was in 2018 when the former Australian skipper endured a tough time after being convicted of his alleged involvement in the infamous ball-tampering scandal, in South Africa. As he was serving a-year ban by Cricket Australia (CA), he featured in a commercial for Vodafone, where he talked about the incident. Meanwhile, fans did not take it on a good note, as many believed that he was trying to monetise the incident.

Harbhajan Singh: The veteran India off-spinner has already been a part of a couple of on-field controversies. Meanwhile, he even became a part of it through an advertisement, as it was in 2006 when he promoted a liquor brand, Royal Stag. While fans did not take it on a good, note, he was seen in the commercial without his turban, which did not go well with some of his Sikh counterparts, who burned his dummies. Nonetheless, he later went on to apologise unconditionally.

MS Dhoni: Dhoni happens to be one of the most humble cricketers to be ever produced by India, as fans have all the respect for him. While hardly anyone can imagine him featuring in the list, he unfortunately does. In 2010, just like Harbhajan, he too appeared in an ad for a liquor brand, McDowell’s, where he punched a lookalike of Bhajji, who was promoting the rival brand, Royal Stag, at the very point. Incidentally, it led to backlash between the fans of Dhoni and Bhajji, while Dhoni was criticised for the same as well.

Virat Kohli: The reigning Indian skipper too had his share. It was in 2011 when lifestyle brand, Fastrack, hired him, along with Bollywood actress, Genelia D’Souza, for a series of ads. In one of them, he plays a pilot, while Genelia is the air-hostess. As she enters the cockpit, she begins lovemaking with him, while the flight goes into turbulence. Fans slammed Kohli for promoting lacklusterness when it comes to air safety.