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US man murders his wife, buys $2,000 sex doll with her insurance money

Colby Trickle, resident of Hays in the US state of Kansas, in 2019 called 911 to inform authorities that his wife had shot herself. Months later, Colby Trickle, cashed in on two life insurance policies for his wife totaling more than $120,000, spending nearly $2,000 on a life-size sex doll two days after he received the payout.

US man murders his wife, buys $2,000 sex doll with her insurance money gcw
First Published Apr 29, 2024, 3:16 PM IST

Colby Trickle, a resident of Hays, Kansas, has been found guilty of allegedly murdering his wife in 2019, Kristen Trickle, nearly four years after the incident. According to CBS News, three days after Kristen Trickle's death, the coroner, Dr. Lyle Noordhoek, deemed it a suicide, enabling Colby Trickle to continue his life.

However, police continued to investigate the case, and on July 14, 2021, 21 months after Kristen Trickle's death, Colby Trickle was charged with first-degree murder and interference with law enforcement. During his trial in September 2023, prosecutors presented evidence to the jury regarding Colby Trickle's purchase of a sex doll.

Trickle collected more than $120,000 from two life insurance policies when his wife died. Investigators discovered that only two days after receiving the insurance money, he spent over $2,000 on a life-size sex doll.

According to Assistant Ellis County Attorney Aaron Cunningham, Colby Trickle spent the whole $120,000 insurance settlement in around eight months, paying for the sex doll as well as video games, debt payments, and music equipment.

The law enforcement officials who kept building the case against Colby for two years also had suspicions about the size of the gun and the clothes his wife Kristen was wearing at the time of her so-called suicide.

Dr. Ashley Christiansen, a psychologist hired by the prosecution to conduct a psychological autopsy of Kristen Trickle told jurors that after conducting the autopsy they found that Kristen Trickle was unlikely to have taken her own life.

Tina Kreutzer, Colby Trickle's mother, appeared as a defense witness, indicating that her son experienced nightmares and sleep problems after his wife died, and that the doll was intended for comfort and warmth rather than sexual purposes, according to the report. In November 2023, a jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to 50 years in jail without the chance of release.

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