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Putin's modest income claims: Doubt cast on President's $1 million income in 6 years, internet skeptical

Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted his financial assets list to the election authority in Russia ahead of the general election. The documents which were made public by the body have sparked a debate on the internet as skeptics remain puzzled over modest income claims.

Putin's modest income claims: Doubt cast on President's $1 million income in 6 years, internet skeptical avv
First Published Jan 31, 2024, 4:17 PM IST

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed his latest financial assets in a document to the election commission ahead of the general election in Russia. The country's election authority as a regular procedure made the documents public revealing that Putin has earned less than $1 million in 6 years from 2018-2024.

This comes a day after the Moscow Times reported that the Russian President now owns a lavish property near the Russia-Finland border. The Moscow Times report spread like fire in urban cities of Russia including Moscow and St Petersburg where Vladimir Putin is seeing increased resentment from the public. The major global media channels in the West also gave space to the development vociferously.

The revelation of Putin’s financial assets might have been perfectly timed to control the narrative. According to the election authority documents, the Russian President made 67.6 million rubles, which is approximately $753,000, between 2018 and 2024. The disclosed figure also includes money from bank deposits, a military pension, and money he made from property sales.

Putin, under his disclosed financial assets, owns two cars, and two apartments, one in Moscow and the other in St Petersburg. He also owns a garage in the erstwhile Leningrad. Many on the internet are unable to figure out the possibility of such income figures. Vladimir Putin reportedly has lavish properties across Russia. The latest revelation from Moscow Times suggests that Vladimir Putin in his Finland border property has three modern-style houses on the shore of Majalahti Bay, two helipads, several yacht piers, a trout farm, and a farm with cows for marbled beef production.


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