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Massive Snowstorm takes lives of 10 in Ukraine and Moldova, weather conditions to further deteriorate

Ukraine and Moldova have been grappling with challenging weather conditions as a strong snowstorm passed by the two countries. The massive snowstorm was caused by a low-pressure system in the Eastern European Region.

Massive Snowstorm takes lives of 10 in Ukraine and Moldova, weather conditions to further deteriorate avv
First Published Nov 28, 2023, 7:52 PM IST

A dangerous snowstorm took shape in Ukraine and Moldova causing damage to infrastructure and the lives of people. The snowstorm began on Sunday and swept through the Ukrainian and Moldovan region forcing the security forces to close the border temporarily near the Odesa region. Climatic conditions are expected to get worse on Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to a report from CNN, at least 10 people have been dead as a result of the first snowstorm. Heavy winds have also lashed over Russia causing frequent power outages. The challenging weather conditions took shape on Sunday as a result of a low-pressure system over Eastern Europe. Rescue operations in Ukraine and Moldova have also been impacted due to the 2 feet snowfall.

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Widespread power cuts across villages, towns, and cities of Ukraine and Moldova have added further woes not only for the respective governments but also for the families facing the brunt. Power has not yet been restored in the border regions of Ukraine and Moldova causing fear for water services to be affected due to the lack of electricity for pumping up the water for the population.

The mayor of Odesa has urged people to be indoors as another snowstorm takes its shape. Weather conditions are likely to deteriorate as another low-pressure system has formed in the same region causing fears for another few challenging days. Russia has also been on a red alert due to the threat of strong winds generated from Ukraine causing damage to the infrastructure and lives of people.

The communication channels have broken down in border areas of Ukraine as thousands are trying to reach the authorities for help. Videos of Ukrainian police show the level of challenges the authorities and rescue teams are facing in their respective operations. 

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