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Intelligence reveals Hamas' surprising arsenal: Stolen Israeli weapons, repurposed munitions and more

Latest intelligence reports from the US and Israel suggest a stark reality behind Hamas’ ammunition Arsenal. Hamas is using Israeli and US-made weapons to attack the Israeli Defense Forces which has also prolonged the fight in Gaza.

Intelligence Reveals Hamas' Surprising Arsenal: Smuggled Arms, Repurposed Munitions, Stolen Israeli Weapons avv
First Published Jan 29, 2024, 3:35 PM IST

Hamas military group has surprisingly kept the fight in Gaza going despite multiple killer moves by the Israel Defence Forces. Though the jihadist militant organization has weakened after consistent attacks from the neighbors, they haven’t given up the strip yet. The latest brutal attack from Gaza resulted in the killing of 24 Israeli soldiers which was the biggest casualties in the single day for Jerusalem. 

Israel has hardly left any room for the Hamas militants to procure weaponaries. Since the Gaza Strip is landlocked and is mostly covered by the border towns of Israel, the question arising is how is the Hamas group bombing Israel with explosives and rockets. Latest intelligence reports from the US and Israel suggest a stark reality behind Hamas’ ammunition Arsenal.

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The group has laid Its hands on Israel-made and US-made weapons. However dramatic it might sound, Hamas has cunningly gathered Israeli weapons to attack Israel. This has been possible as several weapons that Israel fired in the Gaza Strip failed to detonate on time like Rockets and Ammunitions. Hamas militants got hold of many such weapons which are now being reactivated and used against Jerusalem.

The Palestinian militant group has also been successful in stealing weapons from Israeli troops inside Gaza. Several guns and bullets were stolen by the group. Not only this, it is believed that Hamas has been collecting weapons from Israel and the US that have been fired at Gaza for about 17 years. This has given them a packed munition Arsenal.

Apart from this, Hamas has been regularly getting shipments of weapons from the Lebanon border side by Hezbollah. Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based terrorist group, is allegedly acting as a mediator between Hamas and Iran. The Iranian regime in Tehran has come out as the biggest weapons donor to the Hamas group.

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