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Australian clothing company faces social media backlash after male model poses with Women's swimsuit (WATCH)

Australia’s Moana Bikini is being heavily criticized on social media for its latest advertisement of a women's swimsuit. The company hired a male model for the advertisement under its body positivity branding.

Australian clothing company faces social media backlash after male model poses with Women's swimsuit (WATCH) avv
First Published Jan 23, 2024, 7:07 PM IST

An Australian clothing brand came under fire from internet users after a male model posed wearing a Women's swimsuit in a product advertisement. Moana Bikini which is owned by Australian body-positivity influencer Karina Irby hired male model Jake Young to adorn the Women's swimsuit under body positivity branding.

The Australian social media space across all major platforms took note of that advertisement and slammed Moana Bikini for overdoing it. Moana Bikini uploaded a video advertisement for the swimsuit with the caption, “OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK”. The one-piece swimsuit is being sold at $130. Many internet users called for a Boycott of the clothing company.

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While others targeted the mindset of woke culture in the genetics of the Moana Bikini company. The company founder Karina Irby hit back at people criticising the body positivity advertisement. She revealed, “Moana has been empowering ALL bodies since 2011. This video really should [sic] shock you at all. If you have to announce your ‘anger' I strongly urge you to listen too – YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN by Taylor Swift, as I believe it was written for you.”

The male model who worked in the advertisement also slammed the people taking offense. Jake Young said, “There are many different types of women. Women with different anatomy to what you consider ‘normal.' I am not a woman nor have I ever claimed to be. This post is simply empowering a minority and I'm forever grateful for that. Your hate is a reflection of your own insecurities, not mine.”

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